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The possibility of the drum intsruments to produce harmonic sounds (tones-intervals- chords) through combined rhythms , makes possible a listening experience that’s primeval in form-before it can be subjected to any idiom or philosophy- therefore maintaining its initiative and revelatory force.In conjuction with the single string (canon),which since the time of Pythagoras has been the quintessential instrument of esthetic integrity,and by means of recent breakthroughs in technology,we are given an opportunity to enter the inner world of sound and to discover an order of things that’s by all means extraordinary.

Sound production team that uses the ability of the drum instruments to produce harmonic sounds, aiming at a new dimension to the Musical-Acoustic-Phenomenon.
Formed in 1998 Athens, Greece

Sotiris Georgakis: is making and plays drums-monochord
Ilias Tsagaris: live sound reproduction using fx and feedbacks
Panagiotis Vourthoumpas: drums-plastic tube
Panagiotis Katsikiotis: drums-hi hat - plastic tube
Christos Konstas: drums-hi hat
Nikos Karanikas:
Giannis Andrikopoulos: sound engineer


2002 ‘Athanor’
Hitch Hyke