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A colladoratory unit forced together with the anxiety of finding a mutual outlet for their colorful improvisationary necessities with Panos Katsikiotis (drums), Ilias Tsagaris (bass, synth, guitar), Kleon Antoniou (guitar, harmonium), florian Mikuta (Fender Rhodes) as the main nucleus.
Tapping into the accessible avenue paved after the recent Electronica revival, Dubient places itself amidst the re-examination of past forgotten beats and promisions new trip-hop and unreviling soundtrack-like stuctures without ever sounding exuberant.
Dubient is a wordly project that tries to enforce a thoughtful current and tangible stucture where genuin sounds meet "natural" instrumentation on a par with technology.

Panos Katsikiotis: drums
Ilias Tsagaris: bass, synth, guitar
Kleon Antoniou: guitar, harmonium
florian Mikuta: Fender Rhodes


2003 Dubient
HitchHyke records